Track Order

Track Order

  1. Find your shipment number: Your shipment number is a unique identifier assigned to your package, which you should have received when you placed your order. It may also be called a tracking number, waybill number, or reference number.

  2. Go to the carrier's website: The carrier is the company responsible for delivering your package, such as UPS, FedEx, or DHL. Go to the carrier's website and look for the "Track a Shipment" or "Track Your Package" option.

  3. Enter your shipment number: Once you've located the tracking feature, enter your shipment number into the appropriate field and click "Track" or "Search."

  4. View your package status: After you've entered your shipment number, the tracking page will display your package's current status, such as "in transit," "out for delivery," or "delivered." It may also provide an estimated time of delivery and other detailed information about your package's journey.

If you're having trouble tracking your package or have any questions about the status of your shipment, you may want to reach out to the carrier's customer service team for further assistance.