Chakra Part 3

Chakra Part 3
The chakras and the colors Inseparably they are connected - the chakras and the colors. However, aura-visionaries tell not only about the colorfulness of the chakras, but also about their flower shapes. Thus, people seem to be covered with colorful flowers. Isn't it a beautiful idea to know wonderful light-filled flowers in our aura?
Excitingly, the colors of the seven main chakras are structured in the same way as a rainbow. Red is connected with the lowest chakra, followed by orange and yellow, in the middle at the heart chakra we find green and ascending via turquoise and blue finally violet follows at the highest chakra.
Red is the most earthly of the colors. It has the longest wavelength and is most directly connected with matter. Red grounds us and is therefore assigned to the root chakra, the lowest chakra. A strong root chakra strengthens the will to live, courage and drive.
Orange is also vibrant and bright, but lighter and more communicative in its effect than red. It is associated with the sacral chakra and has to do with sexuality and creativity. Everything we create as humans runs through this chakra. Orange and a healthy sacral chakra also promote wealth and joy in life.
Yellow is the brightest color in the spectrum. It stands for openness, also in dealing with other people. And yellow is susceptible to impurities - just like our thoughts and feelings. Yellow is associated with the navel chakra. This is where the power plays and influences take place. It is therefore immensely important to keep this chakra in particular pure. This gives independence, good judgment and a clear gut feeling - no matter what others say.
Green is in the middle of the color spectrum and also in the middle of the seven chakras. It is associated with the heart chakra. This reflects the great importance of this chakra, which places heart love at the center of being. It connects heaven and earth, because through love the energy streams from below and those from above are united. The goal is to create harmony and peace. Nature, with its balancing life force, does not have green as its main color by chance.
Turquoise lies between green and blue. It acts on the throat chakra and thus on communication and expressiveness. With turquoise it is possible to dissolve blockages in the throat chakra. Thus, the togetherness becomes easy and playful. Turquoise promotes creativity, personal freedom and also beauty. And: turquoise makes learning easy.
Blue is a spiritual color that strengthens intuition and gives us insight and wisdom. It is responsible for the forehead chakra. This is where the realm of imagination is located, where thoughts can be grasped and ideas created. Blue makes the mind calm and clear.
Violet is the color with the shortest wavelength. It is associated with the crown chakra, which connects us with the celestial world. Violet is a very mystical, a spiritual color. It gives us a sense of the meaning of life and the feeling of all-oneness. A deep inner peace can spread.
Favorite colors
The connection of the chakras with the colors makes it easy to take care of the structure of the chakras. After all, everyone knows colors from their everyday life. This is nothing exotic, we all have to deal with it. Many people have a favorite color, some also have a pronounced aversion to a color. It is an interesting exercise to look at the meaning of the associated chakras. With the disliked color, a certain area of life is almost always also rejected and excluded; with a preferred color, an area may even be overrated.
Approach a color that you have so far rejected slowly. If it is red, first take another color from the warm spectrum, like yellow or orange. Only in the second step try a clear red. If it's blue you don't like, try green and turquoise before settling on a pure blue.
If a color appears almost exclusively on you, in your home or in your clothing, you can balance that too by consciously allowing other shades. A nice way to start is to add a splash of color with a brightly colored candle. Allowing all colors means giving space to all areas of life. Life comes into balance.
Colors make you happy
There are many ways to give colors more space in your life. Probably the simplest is: Wear clothes in the color you need most at the moment. Often a scarf in the right color is enough and you have the energy field with you. Gemstone jewelry is also very effective, since the precious stones are available in all colors.
But there is much more: paint your walls in your currently preferred color. Look for bed linen and cuddly blanket in this color. Light colored candles. Use aura oils in your colors.
You will notice very quickly how good it does to your well-being when you surround yourself with colors. They have an intensive effect on body, mind and soul.
Forms of the seven main chakras
Root chakra (Sanskrit: Muladhara Chakra) = symbol:four-petaled, deep red lotus
Sacral chakra (sanskrit: Svadisthana Chakra) = symbol:six-petaled, orange lotus
Navel chakra (sanskrit: Manipura Chakra) = symbol: ten-petaled, yellow lotus
Heart chakra (sanskrit: Anahata Chakra) = symbol: twelve-petaled, green lotus
Throat Chakra (Sanskrit: Vishuddha Chakra) = symbol: sixteen-petaled, blue lotus
Forehead chakra, third eye (sanskrit: Ajna Chakra) = symbol: silver or indigo blue lotus with 96 petals
Crown - Chakra (sanskrit: Sahasrara Chakra) = symbol: violet thousand-petaled lotus
Meaning of the lotus flower in relation to our chakra
In yoga, the lotus flower also has a special meaning, because it stands for enlightenment and the third eye. This refers to one of the chakras, or energy centers of the body, namely the area between the eyebrows. The Third Eye is not visible as such, but according to yoga teachings it opens up wisdom and insight. As an experienced yogi, you may now think of some asanas that involve the Third Eye. In Hinduism, the chakras are traditionally represented by the petals of the lotus flower. Embedded in their center rests the symbol of the chakra. Each of the seven energy centers has a fixed number of petals that resonate with Sanskrit syllables.
You will learn about the mystical order underlying the numbers of the petals in another post. Let's first focus on the meaning of the lotus flower for the chakras. The lotus flower is one of the oldest symbols on earth - a symbol of perfection, enlightenment. Born in the murky, boggy depths of ponds, its full splendor is revealed only on the surface of the water, where it tentatively opens at dawn. Like a streak of light in the darkness, she unfolds her chalice, which, like a divine energy, illuminates out of nothing.
Meaning of the lotus in Buddhism
According to legend, lotus flowers blossomed on the first seven footsteps Buddha left on this earth. The number seven recalls the number of the seven main chakras.
As a symbol of the Absolute, the Divine and rebirth, the lotus flower in Buddhism is one of the eight precious things that protect the faithful and the temples. The holy mantra of the Tibetans "Om Mani Padme Hum" means "Hail, Jewel of the Lotus". In religious representations, Buddha sits in the center of a lotus flower as an expression of purity and creation. He himself is said to have referred to the lotus flower as the connection between heaven and earth. If we look at the arrangement of the chakras, their energy grows in the earth of the root chakra and winds upward until it emerges from the crown chakra into the infinity of being.
The lotus effect
Due to a unique coating of the petals, neither germs nor dirt can be deposited, a kind of protective shield against anything harmful. Thus, the lotus effect also symbolizes the overcoming of suffering, destruction and attachment to the earthly. The analogy to the chakras is unmistakable. A cleansed and opened chakra repels all negative energies. It receives only pure energies that make our aura glow in the most dazzling colors. The aura is thus able to protect body and soul from negative influences as if with a lotus effect. At the same time, love and harmony are sent out.

Bridge between heaven and earth
The seeds of the lotus last an eternity. More than 1300 years they remain in swamps and ponds. A lotus seed that existed in Hildegard von Bingen's time could be brought to life today. Thus, it forms a bridge not only between heaven and earth, but also between all times. The chakras are also a link between the worlds - the gross material and the subtle. For through them our body is connected with all other etheric bodies, which extend beyond the soul to our spirit, our cosmic presence.

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